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North of Portugal has unique people and its natural landscapes with small crops, vineyards, villages of granite and manor houses. The green of the land and the blue of the sea, the hospitality of its people, its rich gastronomy and the vibrant festivities, pilgrimages and traditions together create a very special atmosphere in this region of Portugal.

The birthplace of Portugal, a land blessed by the gods, the north of Portugal has been shaped over the centuries by the hand of man and has kept pace with modern developments while respecting nature, biodiversity as well as ancestral traditions and customs. Valleys and rivers embellish this scenic picture where well-established vineyards produce a fresh and fruity wine (vinho verde).

Bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, its coastline also has exceptionally beautiful natural landscapes where the sea at times strokes the fine sand, and at times crashes on the rocks in a passionate embrace.

The people have rich traditions. The sacred and the secular give colour to an ancestral culture that displays an attachment to life, joy, music and colour. This is tangible in its folklore traditions where red, yellow and blue whirl in a lively dance, where the gold filigree worn by the minhotas (women from Minho) in order to show off their wealth literally shines.

Let’s discover this treasure of North Portugal together.

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